Celite Cynergy Filter Aid - 50 lb

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Celite Cynergy®: beer stabilization & clarification

Celite Cynergy® is a beer stabilizing diatomite product that filters like diatomite (kieselguhr) and cold stabilizes like silica gel, yet performs better than conventional diatomaceous earth and silica gel. 

- Improved brewing process efficiency
- No need to add silica gel
- Reduces storage and management of an additional raw material, resulting in less iron in beer (Beer Soluble Iron)
- Up to 50% reduction in waste
- Simplified stabilization and filtration process

Reduces chill-haze
Selective adsorption of chill-haze proteins yields longer shelf life for beer without affecting sensory characteristics like flavor, foam, color, or aroma

Does not require the incubation step necessary when using conventional silica gel

Improves filtration performance
Reduces filter cake volume by up to 50%, leading to longer filter runs between filter cleaning

Provides improved filtration performance as measured by filtrate clarity, flux (parenthesis / flow rate) and unit consumption in comparison to using silica gel and diatomaceous earth separately

Allows significant process simplification, eliminating the need for dedicated silica gel mix tank and agitator, injection pump, metering equipment, silica gel buffer tank and associated process piping.

No capital investment required
Easy to implement in brewery, utilizing existing diatomaceous earth filtration processing schemes, equipment and storage

Compatible with existing diatomite delivery and filtration systems so there is no need to purchase new equipment

Easy-to-optimize process requires no modifications to existing equipment

Cost efficiencies
Cellaring operations are simplified, reducing expenses

Saves time and materials due to longer filtration runs between filter cleaning

Reduces filter aid and stabilizer powder by 20-60%, leading to faster filtration and greater filtration capabilities

Reduced raw material usage resulting in less waste, lower logistics, lower labor costs and reduced carbon and water footprint costs.