Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder

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HyFlo , Standard Supercel and Celite 545 :

Unlike most filtration technologies, DE filtration is not simply a mechanical process.It has the unique ability to keep the desirable components, while eliminating those components that are undesirable. Consequently, it does not remove the color,flavor or head-retention proteins but does capture haze.  

 The hypothesis is that diatomite filtration works mechanically for large particles (>4 micron, like yeast), but uses another mechanism for micron and submicron hazes.It appears that the natural porosity of DE plays an important role. Localized micro-charges attract the small suspended solids of opposite charge. 

 Filtration with diatomite offers exceptional performance on a wide variety of pressure and vacuum filters.It is equally effective on horizontal and vertical leaf pressure filters, plate and frame presses,candle filters, and rotary vacuum precoat filters.