Carbon: S-51 Powdered Activated Carbon (charcoal) - 40 lb. bag

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DARCO S-51 is an acid washed powdered activated carbon produced by steam activation of lignite coal. It has high adsorptive capacity, good filterability, and above average purity. DARCO S-51 is particularly suited for many purification applications such as treatment of sugar solutions, corn syrups, and fine chemicals.

DARCO S-51 is Kosher certified, meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and the requirements of the latest version of the U.S. Food Chemicals Codex.

S-51 is sold in a 40 Pound Bag. or a pallet of 50 bags.

 Molasses decolorizing efficiency (RE) min.95 -
Particle size, laser, D5 min. 2.7 µm
Particle size, laser, D50 min. 30 µm
max.42 µm
Particle size, laser, D95 max. 130 µm
pH min. 4.3 -
max. 7.0 -
Moisture (as packed) max. 10 %
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