PBW - CIP cleaner

PBW - CIP cleaner

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Professional Brewers Wash: an alkaline non-caustic, environmentally and user friendly CIP cleaner.

Originally developed for a regional brewer struggling with corrosive caustic
damaging their brass filtrations systems, when run head-to-head, PBW equaled or exceeded the performance of the caustic but without damaging the equipment. It is not affected by Carbon
Dioxide as its oxygen generation counteracts the acidic conditions that the CO₂ produces, providing better cleaning. It rinses more easily and quickly, minimizing down-time. It will also remove Calcium Oxlate (beer stone) as easily as it removes organic build up. PBW negates the need to remove the faucet as it removes the yeast build up that only hand cleaning removed before PBW.

The average storage temperature should be between 60 to 100°F and never stored in direct sunlight and preferably out of indirect sunlight as well. Shelf life is usually 6 Months (up to 1-year in well sealed container), in solution: approx 8 hours.