Glucomyl Ultra

Glucomyl Ultra

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Glucomyl Ultra is a Glucoamyloase enzyme with Alpha-Amylase that breaks down both the α (1,4) and α (1,6) glycosidic bonds from dextrin ends to form glucose.  It is most effective in the breakdown of the α (1,6) branches.

When used with Alphazyme SK5 significantly improves yield and fermentation times. Add after Alphazyme has performed initial reaction and add after reducing temperature to 68 C(155F) or lower.

Glucomyl Ultra operates best under the following conditions:

Product: Glucoamylase, α-amylase

Temp:   30-75 C(86-167 F) most effective under 68 C(155 F)

pH:    3.0-7.0 most effective between 4.5 and 5.5

Dosage:  30 ml/100# of grain  higher dosages will result in shorter fermentation cycles

32 FL oz (1 Qt) and 1 Gallon Bottles