Betaxyl 2X

Betaxyl 2X

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Betaxyl 2X is a Beta-Glucanse enzyme combined with Cellulase, Hemi-Cellulase and Pectinase, formulated to provide more efficient fermentation of a variety of base materials.  Betaxyl allows for the use of less water and therefore less energy through effective break down of cellulosic material.  Betaxyl is particularly effective when used with wheat, barely, and rye.

Betaxyl 2X operates effectively under the following conditions:

Product:  Beta-Glucanase with Cellulase, Hemi-Cellulase, and Pectinase

Temp:    30-72 degrees C (86-160 F) most effective above 68 C(155F)

pH:    3.3-6-5, most effective between 4.5 and 5.5

Dosage:  15 ml per 100# of Rye grain  Add two thirds in mash to start, balance after dropping temp below 68 C(155F)

32 FL oz (1 Qt) or 128 FL oz. (1 Gal) Bottles