iStill 100 for up to 20 liters per hour

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Intelligent Automation
The automation and robotization option on the iStill 100 gives you total control over the spirits production process. This helps you make the exact same, top shelf product over and over again.

Energy Efficiency
The advanced design is over 90% efficient in its energy use. This lowers your variable production cost significantly. The size of our operation and our batch production approach to building distilleries help us to maintain a low cost point for our stills, limiting your initial investment

Square is the new round
Our patented flush square boiler offers unique properties. A high net filling grade of over 80% is one advantage. Another benefit is that mixing does not create agitation of shearing, enabling a more stable distillation run with - again - more control over what flavor components are selected and harvested.


Height: 265cm
Power: 3.5 kW (230v, single phase) OR 0-7.5 kW 400v, 3 phase Boiler Capacity: 100 liter net
Weight: 80 kilo
Column Diameter: 3 inch
Manhole Diameter: 16 cm
Water Usage (while distilling): 75 - 150 liters per hour

Included Features
• Dynamic Cuts Management ↗
• ABV-Control ↗
• Reflux Capacitor ↗

Product Options for the iStill 100
Robotized Column(€7.500,-)
Touch-Screen controlled PLC, robotized collection of hearts and tales, and automated programs.

Wifi Module(€1.000,-)
For wireless monitoring and management of your iStill, and over the air updates.
Glass Column Segments(€1.500,-)
Offer the ultimate customer experience with an additional glass column.
Potstill Column(€1.500,-)
A more traditional design that allows you to make all spirits save vodka.

25 Liter Extractor Column(€4.000,-)
For perfect taste extraction, amazing gins and amazing liqueurs.
UL Compliant(€2.000,-)
For more than 100 years, manufacturers have had their USA products evaluated and tested for safety risks via the independent, third-party UL safety certification organization.