Densito 30PX Meter - alcohol measurement

Densito 30PX Meter - alcohol measurement

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The handling is easy - just immerse the sampling tube, pull the trigger and read the final result directly in the measurement units you want to use! 

  • Replacement of hydrometers and pycnometer
  • Brix%, °Baumé or °Plato in Food and Beverages
  • Alcohol measurement in wine and beer


Measurement range

0 to 2 g/cm3. Resolution 0.0001 g/cm3


+/- 0.001 g/cm3

Temperature range

5-35°; resolution: +/- 0.1°; display: °C or °F

Temperature compensation

In order to perform accurate density measurements, the result must be corrected for sample temperature. Densito not only measures the sample temperature very accurately, it also lets you choose a temperature correction coefficient before each measurement. This makes it easy to quickly measure many different types of samples.

Clearly visible measurement cell

The most common reasons for bad results are air bubbles or impurities in the measurement cell. Densito’s cell is clearly visible at all times. Potential problems are apparent at once.

Controlled sampling

With Densito, the sampling speed can be adjusted to the task at hand: Slow for viscous samples to avoid the formation of air bubbles or very fast for efficient rinsing of the cell.

External sampling

Sampling can be difficult with samples of very high viscosity or samples that degas easily. In cases like this, Densito lets you connect an external syringe.

Plain language display

The backlit dot matrix display shows the results in large digits and offers a plain language and easy-to-navigate user interface.

User guidance

Thanks to the pictogram-labeled keys, Densito is easy to learn and use.

Comprehensive result storage

Densito saves up to 1100 results including sample identification, measurement unit, temperature correction coefficient, instrument identification, date and time.

Transfer your data

You can transfer the data to a PC or printer any time using the infrared interface of the instrument. For this purpose an infrared / RS232 converter is required.  Appropriate PC software comes with the instrument.