Case of 12 Polypropylene Pleated Filter Cartridges

Case of 12 Polypropylene Pleated Filter Cartridges

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Proof 33’s all Polypropylene Pleated Filter Cartridges are designed to optimize throughout while achieving absolute and repeatable effluent quality. Our filter media is constructed on the latest continuous Micro-Fiber blowing equipment that accurately controls fiber diameter and integrity. Utilizing state-of-the-art on-line monitoring equipment. Proof 33 delivers the industry’s most uniform and consistent media, ensuring unparalleled product consistency. Our 100% Polypropylene construction provides an expansive chemical compatibility range for your most demanding applications.


  • Absolute-rated media provides reliable, consistent and repeatable filtration
  • Low pressure drop yields higher flow rates and reduced processing time
  • Maximum pleat design for greater surface area, ensuring longer service life, less downtime and reduced operating costs per cartridge
  • 100% Polypropylene, FDA compliant with CFR 21
  • Thermally bonded construction, eliminating particle bypass
  • Elements have over 6 sq. ft. of surface area per 10” equivalent



Filter Media: Polypropylene Microfiber
Support Material: Polypropylene
Hardware: Polypropylene
Cage: Polypropylene
Sealing: Thermal Bond
Gaskets: EPDM

Outside Diameter: 2.55” (6.48 cm)
Lengths: 10” (25.4cm) & 20” (50.8cm)

Maximum Operating temperature
180˚F (82˚C) Continuous Duty

Performance specifications
Retention Rating: 1 & 5 Micron