Chamomile flowers (Egyptian) - 1 Lb.

Chamomile flowers (Egyptian) - 1 Lb.

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Botanical Name:
Matricaria chamomilla

German chamomile flowers, grown in Egypt. Also known as Wild Chamomile, Hungarian Chamomile, and Scented Mayweed. 

 As a floral botanical , one of chamomile’s biggest benefits is its ability to deal with the heat required during distillation. Unlike many more delicate flowers it doesn’t rot or become putrid too quickly, allowing distillers the chance to extract the full set of flars (from both the flower and the rest of the ingredients) during a run as opposed to having to finish their hearts cut sooner than  would be ideal. 

Its second key characteristic  is that it doesn’t dissipate (like violet) nor dominate (like lavender) either – allowing it to compliment and soften the heart of a gin as opposed to simply impact the nose or overwhelm all other flavors.