Betaxyl Pro

Betaxyl Pro

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Betaxyl Pro is a Beta-Gluconase enzyme combined with xylanase, alpha-amylase, pullulanase, protease, and lipase formulated to provide more efficient fermentation of a variety of base materials.  Betaxyl Pro allows for the use of less water and therefore less energy through effective break down of cellulosic material.  Betaxyl 40B is particularly effective for improved beer filtration and Lauter Tun operation.

Betaxyl Pro operates effectively under the following conditions:

Product:  Beta-Glucanase with xylanase etc.

Temp:    12-95 degrees C (55-203 F) most effective above 68 C(155F)

pH:    3.5-6.5, most effective between 4.5 and 5.5

Dosage:  2000 ml/MT of grist.  

32 FL oz (1 Qt) or 128 oz (1 Gal) Bottles