16 Inch Activated Carbon Lenticular Module - CARBON depth filter

16 Inch Activated Carbon Lenticular Module - CARBON depth filter

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Many filter types are available in the market and each serves a particular need. Depth filters are used in a wide variety of applications when liquid clarification, product cleanliness and cost effective removal of particulates are primary concerns. Commonly, depth filters also serve to protect downstream membrane filters and other equipment.

An important aspect of many of our products is the enhanced Zeta potential imparted to the filter media by a wet strength resin. This charge modification results in excellent haze removal capability separate from the micron rating of the filter. Depth filtration is often.

Micro-Clear™ – Activated Carbon impregnated media that utilizes the filtration capacity of cellulose (some grades are available with DE or perlite), while providing the chemical removal capability of carbon. Certain organics and colors that are not desired in the final product can be removed by this filter combination. Some halogenated compounds are also removed. Avoid problems associated with loose powder.