Filter Bag Housing with Sanitary Fittings on Portable Cart

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#1 or #2 size Filter Bag housing on a portable base with pnuematic wheels.  Side Entry Swing Bolt Closure.  304 Stainless Steel with 1.5" Tri-Clamp connections.  Non-code 150 psig rating. FSB-S series, side entry stainless steel single bag filter housing provides economical filtration options with a wide range of applications in the craft food & beverage industry.

The side inlet promotes more uniform flow rate delivering improved filtration results. The FSB-S series is designed with a proven swing eye bolt closure to ensure sealing. The FSB-S series filter housing is constructed of 304 Stainless steel material,and its fine finish gives excellent resistance of corrosion for purity.

FSB-S series has adjustable legs which provide flexibility for installation orientation and height.

150 psig, Side Inlet Filter Bag Housings Offer Durability and Flexibility in a Wide Range of Applications 

  • Side Inlet Promotes More Uniform Flow Rate Delivering Improved Filtration Results
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction Provides Superior Corrosion Resistance and Chemical Compatibility

  • Housing Lid can be Mounted in Optimal Direction with Minimal Effort

  • High Finish Interior Avoids Particle Contamination and Allows for Easy Cleaning

  • Standard Eye-Bolt Closure Provides Added Durability and Easy Bag Change-Out
  • Compatible with Size1 and Size2 Filter Bags
  • Adjustable Leg Assembly is Standard for Easy Installation

Housing Specifications:

Material of Construction
 304 Stainless Steel
O-Ring Gaskets
Inlet Connection
Tri-Clamp - 1.5 inch 
Outlet Connection
Tri-Clamp - 1.5 inch (60.3 mm)
Vent 1/4 inch (13.7 mm) NPT
Max Operating Pressure 150 psig (10.3 bar) @ 200° F (93° C)


Dimensional Data:

Model Flow Rate Filter Height Total Housing Height
FSB1 - #1 90 gpm (20 m3/hr) 19.9 Inches (505 mm) 33.2 Inches (844 mm)
FSB2 - #2
180 gpm (40 m3/hr)
34.3 Inches (870 mm)
47.6 Inches (1209 mm)