Lenticular Modules - High Purity and High Throughput filter media

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The use of Celpure® Diatomaceous Earth in the manufacture of ErtelAlsop XL Series Media provides superior quality and lower extractable levels when compared to standard DE as well as increased particle retention and product throughput.

Micro-Media® XL Series Depth Filter Media, formulated with cellulose, wet strength resin and Celpure® diatomite, an ultra-pure form of Diatomaceous Earth.

ErtelAlsop depth filter cartridges (Pak), also known as depth filter modules, are manufactured in 12 inch and 16 inch diameter. 

Filter cartridges are available in two construction formats:

  • Polypropylene cores and flat end cap gaskets
  • Polypropylene cores and double O-ring end cap gaskets

High Solids Loading

  • The complex matrix of fibers and particles of filter aid create a structure which allows for greater concentration of particles than most surface retention filter media.
  • High Efficiency and Zeta-Potential


  • Micron Retention: 1.0 Micron
  • Gasket End Cap:  Double O-Ring or Flat Gasket
  • 12" or 16" diameter modules.

Quantity/Pricing are per box quantity.

12" modules are 2 per box.  16" modules are 1 per box