20 cm x 20 cm Multi-Sheet Plate Filter (ME series)

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ErtelAlsop’s small scale 20 cm x 20 cm filter is the the perfect addition to any start up distillery, brewery or winery. Our mini-beverage can process from 50 gallons to over 800 gallons! These presses all come with food grade NORYL filter plates, and have an optional dividing head for 2 stage filtration, and an optional 110 v, 1/2 horse power XP motor with centrifugal pump.

20 cm x 20 cm Filter with optional Pump and XP Motor

ErtelAlsop’s mini-beverage filter press consists of a 304 stainless steel frame on casters. The filter carriage also comes supplied with a built-in stainless steel drip collection tray, and hose, to collect any leakage which may occur from the filter.  The 20 x 20 cm filters also come stock with food grade NORYL filter plates which can be steam sterilized for easy cleaning.

ErtelAlsop ME filters can be equipped with an optional centrifugal pump and explosion proof motor, or positive displacement pump and explosion proof motor this would also include a stainless steel butterfly valve on the pump discharge outlet with a gauge to monitor inlet pressure on the filter. Additionally, the pump has a 1.5 inch sanitary, tri-clamp connection which connects to the filter with reinforced, stainless steel braided hose. This pump may also be used as a transfer pump when not being used to pump fluid into the filter.*

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel fixed tail plate
  • Stainless steel movable head plate
  • 20 cm x 20 cm Food-grade Noryl plates
  • Stainless steel inlet and outlet connections

Optional Features

  • 1/2 HP XP Motor & Centrifugal Pump*
  • 1/4 HP XP or TEFC Motor with 3 GPM Positive Displacement Pump
  • Moplen (Polypropylene) Plates
  • Dividing Head (Double Filtration)
  • Inlet and Outlet Hose or Tubing
  • Spindle Extension

* Explosion Proof comes unwired.  Contact a local electrician for wiring per local code.